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初三英语作文篇一:初三英语作文:My favorite things_650字

  My favorite things is reading and see a book.At my free times I usually set on desk reading a book.I favorite book name is《Give me three days light》.is about a girl"s life story.I like there "s girl, because she have a hard working heart. To the as we are hard working is my importants work. I must be study hard, To the as I like reading book seem. I like her.
  Sometimes I go to the library "s books. this is the most interesting thing in my life. This is happy. Like I have to do paper cutting in my free times. I think these intersting.
  One of My favorite things have two things is reading the book or see a book.Another thing is paper cutting.

初三英语作文篇二:初三英语作文:The Peoples Square_400字

初三英语作文_初三英语作文:The Peoples Square_400字

  The People"s Square is located in the center of Shanghai. In the north-east of the square stands the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. The Shanghai Grand Theatre is in the north-west of the square. Between two buildings stands the City Hall.In the south lies the Shanghai Museum, covering 58,000 square meters. In the middle, there"s a large lawn. Many pigeons can be seen flying here and there. The People"s Square is one of the tourist attractions in Shanghai.

初三英语作文篇三:初三英语作文:My teather_450字

初三英语作文_初三英语作文:My teather_450字

  My teacher, she is an ordinary teachers days in to teach us, she never complained she just said she love she hopes we can put all her things to know us, make us more convenient and easier to learn.
  We should be grateful for our teachers, they paid too much for us, they not only hope we can have a good future, we must remember our life road and they, if without them our life will be how, we have the capability of the range of maximum is in our power to help them, our teacher

初三英语作文篇四:初三英语作文:April Fool_400字

  Last March, my mother told my father and me that my grandfather would come in April. We were very happy because my grandfather was an interesting old man and he had not visited us since he went to Hong Kong.  On April 1 my father and I bought a lot of food from the supermarket and bought a big bunch of flowers home. Then we did some cleaning at home. At night when we were waiting for my grandfather, the bell rang and in came my mother. She smiled to us and said "April fools"!


  今年几个世界大国首脑都参加了“八国峰会”,这次的主题是世界经济、能源问题和气候变化。经济发展离不开环境话题,能源使用必然污染环境,而气候变化就是经济发展和环境问题矛盾的产物。广西的城乡清洁工程表面就是环境整治问题。学校的两基工作从某种意义上来说其实就是学校环境改变没有。2008年北京奥运会也离不开环保这个主题。八荣八耻也有部分内容是关于环保主题的。总之,环境保护是当今世界难题。因此,中考的内容离不开以下这些范文要点,而且都是记叙文形式,有些句子相当有用,不论什么作文,都可以从下列文章选出相应句子,只需稍微改一下地名或主语,尽量减少语法错误,起码有4、5分是正确的。如:Throw the waste here and there(到处乱扔垃圾)变成Don~t throw the waste here and there.(不准乱扔垃圾)。“应该”变成“不应该”等等。我想中考作文完全可以取得高分。比如:作文题:1、职业:将来想干什?或者你的爱好是什么?(或者题目是:毕业之后)你可以写将来做一个环保注意者,如何做?做什么。2、如果题目是写我的班级、学校、家乡之类的更加可以谈到环保情况(讲现象,有好有坏,如何去改变?有什么措施?如何的美?)3、如果是写为什么北京有沙尘暴、为什么今年有些省份干旱少雨?为什么有些省份洪涝灾害严重。那就是环境破坏问题。因此关键最后几天最好能背熟这些范文。 尽量围绕环保展开主题,通过过渡句和环保扯上联系。比如:(过渡句)The most important question in the world today is pollution .(当今世界最重要的话题就是污染问题。)
  1) It’s our duty to save water(节约水是我们每个人的责任。)
  As we know , water is very important to man, (我们知道,水对人类来说是非常的重要。)we can’t live without water. (没有水我们就不能生存。)The amount of water which is suitable to drink is less and less. (适合人类喝的水是越来越少了。)But some people don’t care about it .(但是有些人却不关心或不在意。)They waste a lot of water in their daily life. (日常生活中他们浪费很多水。)Even worse, they pour dirty water in to rivers.(更糟糕的是他们排放污水到河流里。) They throw rubbish into rivers , too. (他们还乱扔垃圾到河流理去。)Many rivers and lakes are seriously polluted.(很多河流湖泊已经受到严重污染。) Something must be done to stop the pollution. (人类必须采取一些措施来制止污染。)Only in this way can we live happily.(只有这样,我们才过得幸福开心。) If we don’t save water, the last drop of water will be a tear-drop of us.( 如果我们不节约水,那么最后一滴水也许会是我们人类的眼泪)
  2) Planting trees
  Trees are very helpful and important for us. (树对我们人类是多么的重要和有用。)We should plant more and more trees in order to live better and more healthy in the future. (为了将来我们的生活过得更好、更加健康我们应该种更多的树。)It’s everyone’s duty to love and protect the environment.(爱护和保护环境是每个人的责任和义务。)
  3) 旅游介绍
  北京奥运会期间,有一大批外国人来北京参观。假设你是导游,请根据以下内容,向外宾简单介绍北京的情况。 要求: 1. 100 词左右; 2. 要点包括: a. 有悠久的历史b. 有许多名胜古迹
  Ladies and gentlemen,(女士们、先生们)
  Welcome to BeiJing, now let me introduce Beijng to you.(欢迎到北京,我来介绍北京给大家。)
  Beijing is a city with a long history. It is in the north of China. It has a population of 13,240,000.(北京是一个历史悠久的城市,它位于中国的北部,人口13.240.000)
  There are many places of interest in Beijing, such as the Summer Palace and so on.(北京有很多名胜古迹,象颐和园等等。) The Great Wall is a beautiful place.( 长城是个漂亮的地方。).There is a saying that he who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man. (有句谚语说:不到长城非好汉)The water in Miyun Reservoir is clean and not polluted. (密云水库的水很干净没有受污染。)There are all kinds of fish in it. (里边有各种各样的鱼。)You can go boating, go fishing and have a picnic there.(那里你可以划船、钓鱼或者野炊。) It is really a good place to spend your holiday. (那里真是个度假的好地方。)Besides, you can go and visit Beijing Museum. (此外,你还可以去游览北京博物馆。)There you can see a lot of dinosaur egg fossils.(那里你可以看到很多恐龙蛋和化石。)
  I hope you can enjoy yourselves in Beijing.(我希望大家在北京玩得开心快乐。)
  Thank you.(谢谢)
  4)、近日,你班在“知荣明耻” “八荣八耻大家谈”教育活动中,召开了一次关于学生荣辱观的主题班会。存在的问题1.不尊敬老师、家长等。2.学习散漫、考试作弊等。3.乱扔垃圾、污损环境等等。
  Recently we have held a class meeting to discuss what is considered to be honorable behavior and what is shameful. (最近我们班开了个班会讨论什么是光荣和耻辱。)It is really a pity to see all this in our school.(很遗憾在学校看到这些现象)Some students don’t respect their teachers or parents. (不尊敬老是和父母)Some don’t take their studies seriously and cheat in exams. (作业不认真,考试作弊)Some throw wastes everywhere and pollute the environment . (到处乱扔垃圾污染环境。)It is honorable to obey the law and rules , care much about our class and study hard.(关心班级、努力学习、遵纪守法是光荣)It is shameful to break school rules, to be selfish or to make little effort to achieve success.(违反学校纪律、自私 骄傲是可耻的)We should respect others and think more of them than of ourselves.(我们应该尊敬别人经常关心别人)We should work hard and make much more progress to repay the society.(我们应该努力学习取得更大进步从而回报社会。)We should try our best to keep the environment clean。(我们应该想方设法保持干净的环境。)
  人与环境是和谐相处的,我们生存在地球上,人是自然之子,而不能仅把人看作自然的征服者,大家都知道,人类只有一个地球,地球上的山山水水、动物。植物是人类的细胞,如果我们把它损坏了,破坏了大自然的组织,等 于消灭人类。因此,环境要与社会公德联系起来,与实践行为作为人格教育的一项重要内容来抓。每个人都要履行保护环境的责任和义务。
  Harmony with the environment is that we live in on Earth, who is a natural son, and not only to natural persons as the conqueror, as we all know, there is only one earth and the mountains on Earth, the animals. Plant human cells, if it damaged, destroyed nature organizations, to the eradication of mankind. Therefore, the environment must be linked with social ethics, character education and practice acts as an important element of it. Everyone must fulfil its responsibilities and obligations to protect the environment.
  保护我们的城市(Saving Our City)
  It is very important to deal with the rubbish in cities. Rubbish must be thrown away or reused properly. Or it may cause a lot of problems. It may pollute the air and water. People may get ill when they breathe the polluted air or drink the polluted water.
  Our city has started to face the problem. Some rubbish is sorted and sent to a certain place .Waste gas is cleaned before it goes into the air. Waste water is also cleaned before it is poured into rivers.
  People should be prevented from throwing rubbish everywhere. We should try our best to take care of our environment and fight against pollution.
  保卫地球(Saving the Earth)
  As time goes by, man is making the earth sick. People cut down too many trees and leave rubbish everywhere. Factories let out their waste without doing anying to it . This has cause some serious problems. Such as the land is sandy, the river is dirty, the air is less clean, even the temperature of the earth is rising. What should we do to save the earth ? My suggestion is that we should plant more trees, put rubbish into dusbins and stop factories pouring waste directly into the air or rivers. In all, we have only one earth, we should do our best to protect it, or we will regret.
  如何保护环境(How to Protect the Environment)
  Good environment can make people feel happy and fit . To improve the environment means to improve our life. We should plant more trees and flowers around us . We shouldn’t cut them down . We should stop factories from pouring waste water into the river and waste gas into the air. Whenever we see litter on the ground , we should pick it up and throw it into dusbins. Never spit in public. Don’t draw on public walls. It’s our duty to protect the environment.
  环保(environmental matter)
  The environmental matter is a hot topic nowadays. Not only does it affect our health, it also has a great impact on our future.
  Due to lacking of environmental concepts, people""""s health has been greatly affected by air, noise and water pollution. In order to live a better life, we need a cleaner world. We should now be concerned for environment by creating a better future for our next generation.
  In conclusion, the environmental matter is an important issue that directly affects very human in the world!
  Our environment is very important for our lives . We need the fresh air, the clean water and so on . In the past, there were many trees around us ,the air was fresh and the river was clean.But now,people cut down many trees. Air pollution and water polloution are very serious . The environment around us becomes very terrible . We should protect our environment. First, we should plant many trees to keep water. Second , we can ride a bike or walk to the school and work.. Third , we shouldn’t throw the dirty water into the river . Fourth, we shouldn’t use the plastic bags. Finally, we can ask more people to join us.
  对 象
  人 数
  1.看电视(30人) 2.玩电脑游戏(12人) 3.听音乐(8人) 4.进行体育锻炼(5人) 5.没有时间放松(5人)
  哪一种(些)放松方式是适当的? 为什么?
  1.短文包括对调查相关信息的介绍和你自己的观点; 2.词数:80-100。题目和开头已为你写好,不记入总词数。
  The Proper Way(s) for students to Relax
  I am the monitor of Class 3,Grade3,No.22Middle School.Recently I have made a survey of the students in my class on ways to relax after class.
  There are 60 students in my class(31 boys and 29 girls ).Different students have different ways to relax.Half of the students often watch TV.12students like to play computer games while 8 enjoy listening to music.5 students think doing sports is a good way and another five are busy to relax.
  (As we study too long every day and suffer from too much pressure,every student should choose proper ways to relax.In my opinion, watching TV or playing computer games is not a proper way to help us relax.)I thing taking exercise is a proper way because it can rest our brains and eyes. Besides,It can help improve our health.(Therefore,I often Play pingpong after class.It’s really helpful to both my health and my study.)
  体育运动的好处和坏处(Positive and Negative Aspects of Sports)
  a. 体育运动的好处
  b. 体育运动可能带来的副作用
  c. 我参加体育活动的体会
  Sports do us good in many respects (TS). It goes without saying that taking exercises can build up our physical strength. In collective sports like basketball, volleyball, or football, we will learn the importance of cooperation. While taking part in sports game, we will try our best to win and arouse ourselves the competitive spirit. Sports can also help us relax after a period of exhausting work. However, as the saying goes, "there are two sides to everything", and sports is without exception. We may hurt other players or ourselves if we are not careful enough when participating in sports activities. What""s more, excessive or severe training can do harm to our health.
  My participation in sports tells me that sports can make us healthy both physically and psychologically. It is also a good way for people to know each other and can promote friendship between people. So long as we are carefully enough, sports can do us nothing but good.
  中考英语作文范文——北京之旅(A Trip To Beijing)
  On July 5th my parents took me to Beijing. We stayed at Huabei Hotel. On the first day, we went to the Great Wall. The Great Wall is very long and old. It has millions of bricks. Each brick is very big and heavy. Lots of people from different countries like climbing the Great Wall. We felt very tired when we climbed to the top of the Great Wall.
  We also went to the Palace Museum. The Palace Museum has 9999 palaces. It has a very long history. I bought a lot of souvenirs of the Palace Museum. What nice palaces these are! I visited the Palace Museum and felt excited. If you want to know more about the Palace Museum, you can go to Beijing and have a look.
  The following days, we went to the Summer Palace, Tian Tan, North Lake and Xiang Hill. I now know more about the history of China. I also like modern Beijing. The 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing.
  Later, I went back with my parents by train. I really enjoyed the trip to Beijing
  坚持你的梦想(Hold to Your Dreams)
      Everyone has his dreams, but not all these dreams can come true. People give up their dreams for this or that reason. Those whose dreams become true have at least one thing in common, that is, they always hold fast to their dreams.
      Marie Curie, a famous scientist, has set a good example. In 1898, Marie found a new element in the pitchblende. In order to prove her discovery, she must get it and show it to the world. Then to get the new element became her dream and goal of her life. After four years"" hard work and refinement of tons of pitchblende, Marie and her hus-band at last saw the dim blue light of the new element -- radium. Her dream had come true. There are many other examples. Just around us, for instance, the athletes who gain the gold medals, the artists who are popular with the public, and even the students who enter tile university after years of hard study and preparation, are all dream-holders.
      Hold fast to your dreams, no matter how big or small they are. The path to dreams may not be smooth and wide, even some sacrifices are needed, but hold on to the end, you ,sill find there is no greater happiness than making your dream come true.
  几年以前我家只有一间小屋。三个人住一间屋真是艰难。现在我们已经搬进了一套两室一厅 的单元房。我非常高兴。当我父母做. . . , 我能. . . 。我爱我的家。
  1. a few years ago, family, have one small room
  2. it, be, three people, in the same room
  3. now, a new flat(单元房), one living room, two bedrooms
  4. be happy, my homework, quietly, my own room, my parents
  A few years ago, my family had only one small room. It was very hard for three people to live in the same room. Now we have moved into a new flat with one living room and two bedrooms. I""m very happy. I can do my homework quietly in my own room when my parents do the housework or other things. I love my home.
  (1) 家乡的地理位置;
  (2) 解放前的情况;
  (3) 解放后的变化;
  (4) 对家乡的感情。
  My Home Town
  My home town is a beautiful place. It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice.
  But in the old days it was a poor and backward little town. Many people had no work. They lived a hard life.
  In 1949 my hometown was liberated. Since then great changes have taken place there. The streets have been widened. Factories, schools, hospitals, cinemas and theatres have sprung up one after another. The life of the people is greatly improved.
  I love my hometown. All the more I love its people. They are working hard so as to make it still richer and more beautiful.