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A Day in the Park
The other day I went to the park. And unexpectedly I found in a deserted eorner, a cheerytree in full bloom, just like the kind of flowers I used to see in my former school, Xian Jiaotong University, light pink in color. To my delight, a sense of familiarity welled up in my mind. At the same time I could not kelp sighing that life is just like the cheery flowers, beautiful but transient.
True to my prediction, in the afternoon I ran to the park. There was nothing left but the tender twigs. The flowers fell thick on the ground as if the spring wind were also sad about it and would not bring itself to blow on them and left them scattered everywhere.
Fortunately outside it is a beautiful world. The snow whitepear flowers were glistening as if they were blooming in your face, The roses and peonies were all in bloom, vying silently with each other for beauty. Spring is really the best season of the year.



This morning I and a friend go to the park near our house .The flowers and trees is very nice .There are many people in the park.Near the river an old man is fishing and many children run on the square.I am very happy ,because a man is playing yo-yo there.I like it very much .we walk around the whole park and then we come to a shop to eat something.At about 4 pm,we leave the park.I have a happy day .我想了半天尽量写简单的句子.我只教过四六年级的课,恰巧对5年级不够熟悉,不知道是否帮到你了.要好好学习哦,争取自己写出来.尽管自己写的不是很好,但那起码是自己写的啊!加油!


我的妈妈在公园 的英语翻译


My mother is in the park.



香山公园(Fragrant Hills)
Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills) Park
Xiangshan Park,also known as the Forest Park,is located on the eastern sides of the Western Hills,approximately 10 kilometers to the west of Beijing.
Due to its high elevation and dense cover of trees,spring arrives late in the area and summer days are always pleasantly cool. The best time to visit the park is late fall,when the smoke tree leaves turn red. The trees make the grandest display of all. There are also groves of apricots,pears,peaches and lilacs adding their fragrance,and the more solemn evergreens,whose contribution to the local beauty is unrestricted by seasonal changes.
A poem of Marshal Chen Yi reads:
The red leaves of the Western Hills
Because even redder as the frost thickens.
And an earlier poem by the Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu treats the same subject:
Stopping in my sedan chair in the evening,I sit admiring the maple grove;
The frost-covered leaves are redder than the flowers of spring.
In 1186 of the Jin Dynasty,the Xiangshan Temple was built here and for a period served as the emperor"s traveling lodge. In 1745,Emperor Qianlong had a number of large halls; pagodas,memorial archways and leisure pavilions built and changed the name of the area to the Garden of Peacefulness (Jingyiyuan). This complex served the famous Qing ruler as one of his summer palaces and became one of the three favorite hills of Qianlong,beside Jade Spring Mountain (Yuquanshan) and Longevity Hill (Wanshoushan) in the Summer Palace.
Qianlong" s elaboration of the park consisted of 28 separate vistas,each with a poetic name:Jade China Cliff,Toad Peak,Jade Milk Spring,Bell Separated from the Clouds,etc. Unfortunately,almost every trace of this carefully orchestrated symphony of landscape architecture,including the blueprints,was burned or destroyed by the Anglo-French forces and the eight-Power Allied Forces in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The more important extant sites are as follows:
Jianxin Study:Built first in the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty,this complex of buildings stands to the west of Eyeglasses Lake. The study contains a semi-circular pond and an adjacent pavilion,surrounded on three sides by covered galleries. Beyond the pavilion are rockery hill and a grove of trees concealing a gazebo.
Zhaomiao (Luminous) Temple:Constructed in 1780 in the Qianlong period,this Lamaist temple is said to have been built especially for the Panchen Lama. In its center,a Red Terrace rises 10 meters above the ground. On its eastern side is a memorial the archway of white marble and glazed tile,while on the slope to the west is a seven-story glazed pagoda,the eaves of which are hung with tiny bells,which tinkle with even the slightest breeze.
The Tree-Covered Imperial Audience Tablet:Located to the southwest of the Chaoyang Caves,this group of steep cliffs with numerous trees resembles a giant hu - the rectangular tablet officials held before themselves in the presence of the emperor.
Guijianchou (Worried Ghost) Peak:The main peak of Xiangshan Park,Worried Ghost Peak had an elevation of 557 meters. Clouds and mist often engulf its precipitously angled cliffs,which give the two large stone excrescences of the peak a resemblance to incense burners. It is from this that the name Xiangshan or Incense Mountains (and not Fragrant Hills,as the area had been mistakenly called for generations) is derived.
From the peak,the winding Yongding River like a white silk belt fluttering among the western valleys,the Marco Polo Bridge on the river,Shijing Mountain,the Summer Palace and Jade Spring Mountain can all be seen from here,and on a clear day one can even make out the skyline of Beijing.



What a huge natural park!


求linkin park的英文介绍,水平在高一能听懂就行,英语课演讲要用,自愧...
求linkin park的英文介绍,水平在高一能听懂就行,英语课演讲要用,自愧自己英语水平太菜,希望各位lp迷可以帮写一篇,顺便在我们班推销一下lp...

As I know ,Linkinpark is a band which combine the rock and rap together,we call this new style :new metal.
It has 4 albums and 3 remix albums.
I think the most familer song to us,is the Transformer"s theme song:what I ve done&iridescent.
Because of the movie we get to know this band.
However,these are not the remarkble.
In my opinion,NUMB is awesome .Because it not only has the rock part,like some roar,but also
has the rap part.
Two part combines together makes this song perfect.



I went to the park with my dad yesterday. Yesterday was a rainy day, but the air was really fresh. We saw a lot of old people and children playing and running in the park. There were many dogs following them as well. I will always go to the park in future.



We are going to go to the park tomorrow




Last Sunday,I went to the park with my parents.


享受这个宁静的公园的英语 注:是短语.

Enjoy this quiet English park

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