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cooperate;collaborate;work together;
cooperation;joint work ;



I will and your company!
This collaboration is very successful!
I hope we continue to work together next time!



Cooperation vs.competition
While cooperation is the antithesis of competition,the need or desire to compete with others is a common impetus that motivates individuals to organize into a group and cooperate with each other in order to form a stronger competitive force.
Coöperation in many areas such as farming and housing may be in the form of a cooperative or,alternately,in the form of a conventional business.
Many people resort to this because,they may cooperate by trading with each other or by altruistic sharing.
Certain forms of cooperation are illegal in some jurisdictions because they alter the nature of access by others to economic or other resources.Thus,cooperation in the form of cartels or price-fixing may be illegal.
A few mechanisms have been suggested for the appearance of cooperation between humans or in natural system
The Prisoner"s Dilemma
Even if all members of a group would benefit if all cooperate,individual self-interest may not favor cooperation.The prisoner"s dilemma codifies this problem and has been the subject of much research,both theoretical and experimental.Results from experimental economics show that humans often act more cooperatively than strict self-interest would seem to dictate.
One reason for this may be that if the prisoner"s dilemma situation is repeated (the iterated prisoner"s dilemma),it allows non-cooperation to be punished more,and cooperation to be rewarded more,than the single-shot version of the problem would suggest.It has been suggested that this is one reason for the evolution of complex emotional and social behavior in higher animals.
Another reason might be that humans are by nature socially co-operative beings,who,at least as infants,and usually thereafter,cannot survive without co-operating - although with maturation they gain much more choice about the kinds of co-operation they wish to have.
There are four main conditions that tend to be necessary for cooperative behaviour to develop between two individuals:
An overlap in desires
A chance of future encounters with the same individual
Memory of past encounters with that individual
A value associated with future outcomes
Teamwork is the concept of people working together cooperatively,as in a sports team.
Projects require that people work together,so teamwork has become an important concept in organizations.Effective teams are an intermediary goal towards getting good,sustainable results.Industry has seen increasing efforts through training and cross-training to help people to work together more effectively and to accomplish shared goals,whether colleagues are present or absent.
鈥淭he old structures are being reformed.As organizations seek to become more flexible in the face of rapid environmental change and more responsive to the needs of customers,they are experimenting with new,team-based structures鈥 (Jackson & Ruderman,1996).
A 2003 national representative survey,HOW-FAIR [1],revealed that Americans think that "being a team player" was the most important factor in getting ahead in the workplace.This was ranked higher than several factors,including "merit and performance","leadership skills","intelligence","making money for the organization" and "long hours".
Aside from any required technical proficiency,a wide variety of social skills are desirable for successful teamwork,including:
Listening - it is important to listen to other people"s ideas.When people are allowed to freely express their ideas,these initial ideas will produce other ideas.
Questioning - it is important to ask questions,interact,and discuss the objectives of the team.
Persuading - individuals are encouraged to exchange,defend,and then to ultimately rethink their ideas.
Respecting - it is important to treat others with respect and to support their ideas.
Helping - it is crucial to help one"s coworkers,which is the general theme of teamwork.
Sharing - it is important to share with the team to create an environment of teamwork.
Participating - all members of the team are encouraged to participate in the team.
Communication - For a team to work effectively it is essential team members acquire communication skills and use effective communication channels between one another e.g.using email,viral communcation,group meetings and so on.This will enable team members of the group to work together and achieve the teams purpose and goals.
The forming-storming-norming-performing model takes the team through four stages of team development and maps quite well on to many project management life cycle models,such as initiation - definition - planning - realisation.
As teams grow larger,the skills and methods that people require grow as more ideas are expressed freely.Managers must use these to create or maintain a spirit of teamwork change.The intimacy of a small group is lost,and the opportunity for misinformation and disruptive rumors grows.Managers find that communication methods that once worked well are impractical with so many people to lead.Specifically,leaders might encounter difficulties based on Daglow"s Law of Team Dynamics:"Small teams are informed.Big teams infer."



  Society needs cooperation. Learning English is the same .
Language is a kind of tools of communicating with others . The meaning of learning language is to use it .So it"s not enough to just remember some English words ,drills and grammar rules . We must use it . We must communicate with others in English . That"s the best way of learning it well ..
In class , a good teacher should create the chance to work together for his students . Only cooperation , the students can share the enjoyness of learning language . Only cooperation , they can feel the happiness of communicating together, It will arouse their hunger for understanding sharing cooperating and knowledge.
Design your class , design cooperating studying . Don"t forget to let your students work together in group . You will be surprised at your class ,you"ll be surprised at your students . You will notice with surprise how much they are hungry for knowledge , how much they love you . Just go on , maybe it will be a surprise in your life .



楼上回答的都很好,但是我个人觉得,communication的意思重在“沟通”,强调个人能力,而不是“交流”.在常用语中,一般用exchange代表交流.比如国际交流与合作,用“international exchange and cooperation”.




As the saying goes, "brothers, satisfy broken heart." A man's strength is too small, only have cooperation, can achieve. 

Cooperation is the path to success to mark. 

Cooperation is spread to the foundation of success.

The train is bound for successful cooperation. 

Let the flower of success in the cooperation in the soil in the spring, the cooperation in the spring, let the success of spewing eagles flying in the sky in the cooperation. Let us have cooperation, hug success! 


团队合作的优缺点 英文介绍哦

优点cooperative,unity,more powerful,collect different opinions,divide tasks,mind-storm,help each other
may cause conflicts
lack of independence



Teamwork is very important
I am not fond of basketball,let alone to play it.But I have seen a wonderful basketball game between my class and postgraduate class.It is so wonderful that I cann"t help asking myself "is it real".The answer is pretty yes.I also learn a lot from the game.
First ,teamwork is very important.You are sure to fail if you play by yourself.So five members must play together and well orgnized.Second ,you should have a aim.In order to reach it,you should try your best.
Last,never give up whatever have happened.Even if you get low scores,you shouldn"t give up.If there is a will,there is a way.If there is a will ,there is also a opportunity.And you can make failure into success.Believe yourself and believe your team.You are the best one.



Chairman Mao once made a famous remark about competition,To battle with God is great fun!To battle with Earth is great fun!To battle with people is great fun!His words,although seeming a bit too aggressive,have illustrated that competition is never regarded as something formidable by a brave.Competition exists throughout the evolution of nature and everyone’s life.Creatures compete to survive the merciless environment,eliminating weaker ones; Nations in the world compete for resources and power,and whichever fallen behind is beaten.As for individuals,ever since the very first day of our lives,we are forced into a competition with thousands of others around us,including taking examinations,applying jobs and striving for promotion,the results of which definitely determine our fate.Competition is as real a fact as the air around us that can neither be evaded nor be ignored.Thus,my dear friends,do not fear competition.Accept it and enjoy it.With competition,you grow stronger,and you gain so much precious experience worth remembering of,regardless of what the outcome would be.Without competition,you cease to grow; you become a dead moth sealed in its own cocoon..phenomenon 现象But their so-called prosperity is only a temporary phenomenon.但他们所谓的繁荣只是一个暂时的现象,竞争与合作英语作文,中学生作文《竞争与合作英语作文》.International terrorism is not just a recent phenomenon.国际恐怖主义并不是近年才有的现象.2.motive 动机,目的Can we assign jealousy as the motive for the crime?我们能否确定这一犯罪动机是出於嫉妒?Her prime motive was personal ambition.她的主要动机是为了实现个人的志向.3.ultimately 最后,最终His rashness led ultimately to his ruin.他的急燥卤莽最终导致了他的毁灭.Every value they created ultimately redounded to his boss.他们创造的价值最后全进了他们老板的腰包.4.advocate 主张,提倡I don\"t really believe in capital punishment,I\"m just playing the devil\"s advocate.我并非真正主张应该有死刑,只是故意唱唱反调罢了.He advocates reducing military spending.他主张削减军费开支.



Humble respect
Occasionally read an English article,tell the ants.
Ant family and live in harmony,bustling about,mother ant babies,public and household ants,as we never see in the eye in the heart of the wilderness to reproduce.Think of little creatures,actually live in such a moisture so orderly,especially I am shocked by their behavior when faced with disaster.
Wild fire up,hold a number of ants gather into a black regiment,like the snowball rolling with the same fly,escape the flames.When they read this passage,I felt a jolt this,deeply touched by the power of this humble,as if I saw the raging fire in the burning,a black regiment was along the ridge flow; heard "Pi pit" of the charred voice,which is the outermost layer of the ants in opening up the survival of the road with the body.If there is no holds together the wisdom,if not the outermost layer of the sacrifice,small ants is the whole army was wiped out.
The insignificance of life,all of the weak and there is nothing to fear,and even the fate of the humble decision can not be anything,terrible is the neglect of the meager strength,potential of the spirit of the slack.
Humble respect,so I to look at life seriously,look deep thick,see a great and strong.Like a small needle "ants in his spirit,through my appearance" hurt my soul.The ants,we have little reason to say small,humble than that?Than the ants,we have reason to be cynical,then?
Is the greatest thing in the world,more often than not the volume,but the spirit.Thousands of miles of dikes,kuiyuyixue,this is a humble and dignified and challenges.

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